The Krewe of Young Friends


How much are the annual dues for the Krewe?

Annual dues are $595 for a family with one participating child, and $50 for each additional child.  Once a new family is approved by the Board, NEW Member's dues and registration is due March 28.

What are the ages and schools of the children who participate in the Krewe?

Ages range from 2-14 (8th Grade).  Children in the Krewe attend many different schools, both public and private.  One of the advantages of being in the Krewe is meeting people from other schools.

When is the Ball?

The Ball is held 3-5 weeks before Mardi Gras.  Next year’s Ball will be January 19, 2019.

How much time do I have to volunteer?

The Krewe is run by volunteers.  The amount of time each family volunteers varies greatly.  We ask that every family participate on at least one committee, but certainly there are multiple ways to volunteer that do not consume much time.

Does my child have to attend a lot of parties or teas?

No.  The Krewe hosts a social for all families in the fall or spring.  Attendance is not mandatory.

What do I get with my dues?

Your dues pay for the social in the fall, the ball and reception, 3 ball programs, 4 tickets to the ball, the cost of parade floats and insurance, an honor court dinner for 6th-8th graders, and a WHOLE lot of fun!!!

What other costs are not included in dues?

The only absolutely required cost not included in dues is the costume.  If your child rides in the parade, you will need to purchase a Krewe t-shirt to wear while walking with the float, and you will need throws.  Other optional expenses are Krewe t-shirts for the children, pictures, small gifts for guests or members on your court, hair and make-up for picture day or for the ball, tickets for the ball if you need more than four included with your membership, and hotel room rental.  Again, these expenses are entirely optional, and certainly not every Krewe member incurs all of them.  Gifts, in particular, are not required or expected, and are completely optional.

Who makes the costumes and how much do costumes costs?

The Krewe maintains a list of seamstresses used in the past.  You may use any seamstress you like, but the Krewe does recommend that you use the list provided to ensure that the costumes are made correctly.  Cost varies greatly, depending on detail and cost of fabric.  Typically, royalty costumes cost more than character costumes. Ask the member who nominated your family for more detailed information on costume range of cost, or contact the seamstress you plan on using.

Who rides in the parade? Do you have to ride in the parade? When is the parade?

All children are eligible, but not required, to ride in the parade.  The parade is held Saturday before, Mardi Gras, next year, March 2, 2019.  Some families participate in the Saturday parade, and then take vacation for the remainder of the Mardi Gras break.  Others skip it altogether.  Children riding in the parade provide their own throws.

Do I have to order food or decorate tables for the ball?

No.  The Krewe does all of that for you.  Snacks are set out for the children before the ball begins, and a buffet for all to enjoy is ready after the ball.

Do I have to rent a room at the hotel?

No.  Many people get a room to use as a place to change or have their children’s guests stay the night. It is very convenient to have a room to put all of our items for the ball, including costumes and accessories, as well as a place to rest while there is down time.

How can my child be royalty?

Children ages 2 to 5th grade will be themed characters.  Their costumes will go along with the theme of the ball.  The costume committee, along with the executive board, assigns the costume/character for each child.  All 6th and 7th graders will be on the Noble Court.  All 8th graders will be Kings and Queens, and will choose their country, colors and design their costumes.

Do any children perform at the ball?

The jesters, 2 of the 5th graders, perform a dance at the ball. You may request for your child to be a jester; the Krewe tries to honor requests but cannot guarantee placement.